Sugar Shack Tattoo and Gallery

Booking Your Tattoo

If you are looking to book a tattoo please call. All appointments and gift certificates are purchased by telephone.

For smaller or medium sized pieces we recommend attending a Walk in day - EVERY FRIDAY during the summer (June - Labour day). The doors open at 9:00am - with a line up starting early morning - early bird gets the worm! The artists work as long as possible to get every tattoo enthusiast from the wait line in. Unfortunately due to COVID19 Walk in days will not take place this summer.

Consultation appointments are scheduled as soon as possible; once your consultation has taken place, a deposit will be made to hold your tattoo appointment. Deposits are non refundable.

Any work in progress will take priority, please call to schedule for existing tattoo pieces.

Scott Duncan’s books are currently closed. Anyone on his wait list will be contacted when he is ready to book. Scott’s tattoo preference is Japanese, portrait and realism. If you are interested in having this style of work with Scott, please contact the shop with the details.

Christine’s books are currently closed. Anyone on her wait list will be contacted when she is ready to book. Christine’s tattoo preference is nature, floral and organic themed. If you‘re interested in having this style with Christine, please call the shop with the details and watch for her “Up for Grabs” designs.

Haley's books are full, we have closed her wait list and will post when we are able to open her schedule. She would be keen to work on cover up’s, script, florals, or dark black and grey. If you like Haley’s work and want something in her style, please stay tuned to our social media pages for any cancellations or updates about Haley’s schedule.

Scott McCracken’s books are fully booked at the moment. If you like his work or would like traditional pieces, black and grey or realistic nature pieces, please follow our social media pages for updates!

Rachel hasn’t been here long, but she is in high demand and her schedule is currently full. If you love her illustrative style or would like a unique nature piece, watch for updates to her schedule in the future!

Please call for any inquires and follow Instagram and Facebook for our most up-to-date booking information.