Sugar Shack Tattoo and Gallery

Booking Your Tattoo

For smaller or medium sized pieces we recommend attending a Walk in day - EVERY FRIDAY during the summer (June - Labour day). The doors open at 9:00am - with a line up starting early morning - early bird gets the worm! The artists work as long as possible to get every tattoo enthusiast from the wait line in.

Consultation appointments are scheduled as soon as possible; once your consultation has taken place, a deposit will be made to hold your tattoo appointment. Deposits are non refundable.

Any work in progress will take priority, please call to schedule for existing tattoo pieces.

Scott has a wait list for new work. We attempt to schedule approximately 3-4 months of tattooing at a time to help reduce wait time for everyone. PLEASE do not be under the impression it is impossible to get a tattoo with Scott and do not under estimate the power of the cancellation list!

Jarkko has a wait list for new consultations. We do offer a cancellation list for Jarkko as well, you may be able to get in a little sooner!

Christine is not taking on any new tattoo work at the moment, as she is a new mom. Christine will be taking some time off to enjoy motherhood and anyone on her list will be contacted as soon as she returns. You can still be added to her wait list!

Haley is the newest addition to our team of talented artists. She is scheduling appointments approximately 2- 3 months out. We do have a cancellation list for her, be sure add your name for any last minute openings!

Please call for any scheduling or inquires.